Rental Assistance in Northern Virginia - Get Help Paying Rent

Get Help Paying Rent

The current economic climate has unforeseen consequences on the majority o the US population. Whether you’re a recent college graduate searching for their new temporary home or a seasoned renter with some experience under their belt, finding the right resources to get help paying rent can seem daunting. Paying bills is always a vital portion of adult life, and rent is no exception.

The rising housing costs in the great DC area are producing more issues than ever before. If this sounds like something you’re currently struggling with, there’s no reason to panic. Luckily, there are many programs in place to provide rental assistance for renters in not just Fairfax, VA, but across the greater areas of Northern Virginia as a whole. Here are some of the current essential programs to help you stay on your feet and some tips that can help as well.

Northern Virginia Family Service

For renters requiring a variety of services to aid them with the challenges that can arise when paying for a home, this non-profit organization provides a wide range of rental assistance for residents of Northern Virginia. You may contact them at (703)-385-3267.

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) Housing Counseling Program

This organization sets out to provide individuals and families with the rental assistance they need regarding a variety of housing issues. By helping homeowners identify key, long-term goals, their mission is to make families self-sufficient and encourage housing stability. Individuals seeking rental assistance in Fairfax, VA can reach them at (703)-385-3267.

Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services

At times, homeowners have no other choice than to get help paying rent amidst difficult times. For this reason, Good Shepherd offers grants of up to $250 for qualified individuals. These are useful for security deposits, or to prevent evictions. Additionally, they offer services regarding budget counseling, utility aid, and more. Call at (703)-768-9404.

McLean, Share, Inc.

For most residents requiring rental assistance in northern Virginia, McLean may prove to be a valuable resource. For families requiring aid with rent payment, utilities, medical expenses, and more, the organization can provide necessary financial assistance. Reach them at (703)-284-2179.

Stimulus Package (2020)

Amidst the global pandemic, more individuals wish to get help paying rent than ever before. While the answers are still unclear, there is a possibility that a large stimulus package of up to $100 billion for rental assistance could sweep the nation. This idea has yet to see an official introduction, but it’s something all homeowners need to keep an eye on.

General Advice

Whether you seek help making rent in Northern Virginia or anywhere, some general savings advice remains the same across the nation. Read below for some of the most popular and essential tips available for renters.


Sharing a house or apartment with someone you know can significantly reduce costs. 

            Communicate with Landlords

Landlords are people too, they may have dealt with some of the same hardships that you are facing. If you communicate with them and explain your financial situation, you may find an agreement like granting you more payment flexibility.

            Find Apartments During Winter

Summer is like Black Friday for landlords – without the discounts. Winter brings fewer movers, which means cheaper rates.

            Extended Leases

Landlords prefer stable income. By signing a lease for two years rather than six months, it’s easier to convince them to lower your cost. 

With these tips in mind, it’s possible for any individual seeking rental assistance in Northern Virginia – or across the nation – to help solve their housing challenges.