A Clean Home Is A Happy Home - Apartment Cleaning Checklist

A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home

“Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love under one roof” – Nate Berkus


Don’t you love the feeling when your apartment smells good? Sometimes we have so much clutter in our homes, dust particles in the air, messy spills here and there but there is always a solution -Time to clean it all up! A major thing to put into practice is to clean your home which requires time and effort.


You can write down a checklist and divide it up into:

Cleaning Supplies, Plan of Action and Don’t Forget section.

Cleaning Supplies That You’ll Need:

  • Basic tools: broom, dustpan, mop, vacuum, buckets, toilet brush. A couple of old toothbrushes also come in handy for crevices and grout.
  • There may be no such thing as too many rags, rubber gloves, scouring/scrubbing pads, and sponges.
  • Basic liquid and foam: cleaners for glass, tile, and general surface wiping and scrubbing. Buy extra empty spray bottles if it’s a team effort.
  • Special products: linseed oil for wood (or a 3:1 olive oil/vinegar mixture), oven cleaner, products for tile build-up, etc.
  • Soap and/or hand sanitizer for you.


Cleaning Plan Of Action:

Do one step of the process throughout the apartment, not all the steps in one room at a time. The recommended order for efficient cleaning is:

  • Scrub the walls first. This is also a good time to clean inside cabinets.
  • Dust everything, from high to low. Remember crown molding, baseboards, tops of cabinets, ceiling fans/light fixtures, closet shelves, and window blinds.
  • Sweep all floors.
  • Vacuum where required.
  • Finish with a mop as a final clean.

The logical, top-down order here will save you from having to do the same steps twice.


Don’t Forget Special Projects!

Remember all these special cleaning projects as you go through your plan:

  • Scrub the toilet. Vinegar works here, too.
  • Clean grout and other crevices, nooks, and crannies, in any room. Corners of shelves and cabinets, hinges, etc. can collect grime.
  • Clean inside the oven, all parts of the fridge, and other appliances, like the built-in microwave.
  • Sanitize handles and door knobs

You will live healthier and happier because a clean environment is your home!