Hunting for Apartments in DC, Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Searching for affordable apartments in Fairfax, VA? If you are, you know how frustrating the rental market can be. Throughout Northern Virginia and the entire Washington, DC metro area, apartments are at a premium and rents are higher than ever. We studied the Fairfax, VA area and looked at the rent for apartments.  As of June 2019, the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Fairfax is $1,550! Here is the average rent for available apartments in the Fairfax area in 2019:



How can you find a great, safe and affordable apartment for you and your family in this current environment?

Affordable Fairfax Apartments

Option A is to go Upmarket

The market for luxury apartments has exploded in our area. Whether new construction or renovated older buildings, these are in the most desirable neighborhoods, often close to urban conveniences such as shopping and restaurants. More and more, apartments feature high-end amenities such as concierges, well-appointed gyms, and even movie theaters and designer party rooms.

It’s easy to be impressed by these fun features. But for young professionals seeking 1 bedroom apartments in Northern Virginia or DC or families seeking 3 or 4 bedroom apartments, the rent for these apartments, more often than not, is out of reach. Not everyone can afford these luxury amenities; many would rather put their money toward savings, tuition, or other important expenses instead of concierges or movie theaters. In addition, some of these apartments are not really geared toward families with children. 


Option B is to go Further Away

Faced with this reality, many people looking for apartments in the Fairfax, VA area are forced into Option B: they rent in less-than-desirable neighborhoods or locations further out into Virginia. Far from conveniences like shopping, public transportation, and decent schools, these apartments might be more affordable. But the trade-off comes with a long commute to their jobs in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC. Plus, these apartments are often bare-bones, without places for children to play, summertime pools—or even dishwashers. Then there’s the reality that the neighborhood that may be affordable isn’t very safe.

If neither Option A nor Option B are viable for you, there’s, fortunately, an Option C that offers the best of both worlds: Fairfax Circle Villa.

Our lovely garden apartments, set in park-like grounds, are in the heart of Fairfax, VA. Close to public transportation like the Vienna metro station and bus stops the convenient location can’t be beaten. Stores, restaurants, and schools are a quick walk or drive away.

Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments Playground in Fairfax VA

Fairfax Circle Villa features a wide range of affordable apartment options, not just 1 bedroom apartments but also 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with dens. We also have floor plans with 3 and 4 bedrooms, perfect for families. We feature an outdoor swimming pool, picnic areas and 2 playgrounds with new equipment. Our apartments themselves are excellent, with upgraded energy efficient windows and balcony doors for comfort and efficiency. Utilities are included in the rent (except for electricity), and there’s plenty of included parking. Apartments feature ample closet space, pantries and, by the way, include dishwashers.

That’s not all. We’ve embarked on an exciting renovation plan across our whole complex. We’ve begun installing washers and dryers in our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments as they become eligible for renovation (3 and 4 bedroom units always included washer/dryers)—we’re excited to extend this time-saving luxury to our new residents! Over-the-range microwaves and granite countertops are also being installed as part of the on-going upgrade. We’re also installing soundproofing materials in the apartment floors to reduce sound transfer, to give you peace and quiet.

Fairfax Apartments for Rent

In short, Fairfax Circle Villa offers a value-conscious option in an excellent location. It might be the best-kept secret when it comes to Northern Virginia apartments right now, especially when it comes to 1 bedroom apartments in Fairfax. But, with affordable rents, amenities and in a terrific location, Fairfax Circle Villa’s secret is getting out.  Come and see for yourself!