Pets Love Being Pampered Too!


Pets are family members!

Our 4-legged little friends needs to be well-taken care of as well. Are you worried about traveling and/or leaving your pet with a stranger? If you have pets, you know how difficult it can be to find reliable pet services in your area. You should try Olde Towne Pet Resort! They have background expertise in pet hospitality and pet care.

Olde Towne Pet Resort is the Washington, DC region’s premier pet care and boarding facility. With locations in Springfield and Dulles, VA, the resort offers unparalleled services, including boarding, indoor and outdoor day camp, indoor swimming, fitness classes, grooming, massage, unique spa options, 24-hour web cameras, and more for dogs and cats. They have trained and knowledgeable staff members spare no detail in guaranteeing the care and well being of canine and feline guests.

You can book reservations online. Check them out!

Also, keep in mind Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments is a pet-friendly apartment community in Fairfax, VA. We accept 2 pets, up to 20 lbs. (For additional information, please call the leasing office)

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Did you know?

  1. April 11th is a “National Pet Day.” (It’s all about celebrating and appreciating your beautiful pets in your life)
  2. 80 Million are pet owners and more than 42% of households have more than 1 pet
  3. 45% percent of pet owners buy presents for their animals
  4. 2.7 million shelter animals are adopted each year
  5. Dogs chase their tails for variety reasons: curiosity, exercise, anxiety, predatory instinct, or they might have fleas.
  6. Dogs have dreams! Dog and humans have the same slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement. If the twitching and paw movements occur, its a sign your pet is dreaming too.
  7. The average cat sleeps 16-18 hours per day
  8. Cats have more than 100 different vocal sounds
  9. No night vision goggles needed! Dogs’ eyes contains a special membrane called “tapetum lucidum” that allows them to see at night.
  10. If your dog is acting funny, better get out of the umbrella! 72% percent of dog owners can detect a stormy weather is on the way.
  11. Humans greet each other by shaking hands. Cats greet one another by touching their noses together.
  12. Pets are fun to play with and stress relievers